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Have you been affected by a loss and wish to be compensated by your insurance company quickly, adequately and with the least amount of effort?

What we do

FAIR Consulting is an expert company of technical advisors that acts on behalf of companies or individuals affected by loss. It focuses on helping their clients deal with their loss quickly and effectively, so that they may be able to go back to their normal life, personal or professional, as soon as possible and with the best outcome possible. 


Years of expertise and experience in loss assessment and claim recovery.

Why choose us?

Any damage or loss is an unexpected blow for a company or individual, that may not have the knowledge to deal with this kind of situation in the best possible way. When affected by loss, a company's or individual's focus is on getting compensated for the loss and restore the damages as fast and as adequately as possible, so that they may be able to return to their normal life, both professional and personal. 

Any delay may have a catastrophic impact on an individual's life or the viability of a company. 

Managing a loss is a complex, demanding and time consuming process, even if you are insured. The process involves, among other things, dealing with the insurance company's team, which includes trained and experienced loss adjusters and claim adjusters, who deal with similar cases on a regular basis. The insurance company's goals do not necessarily go hand in hand with those of the affected parties in  a loss. This is why it is absolutely necessary to have the assistance of an expert team of technical advisors and loss assessors, who are both knowledgeable and experienced in the settlement of losses. 

FAIR Consulting is here to bridge the gap between those involded in a loss and mitigate the differences between the parties in any type of loss, in order to save time and reach the best settlement possible for its clients. 

Having FAIR Consulting on your side, provides you with a strategic partner in case of an insurance claim, or any type of claim. FAIR Consulting intervenes throughout the entire process, solely on your behalf in order to safeguard your interests.

Reach out to FAIR Consulting about your case, because the experts in loss management can become YOUR expert strategic partner.

Where do we offer our expert services? 

Directly to:

for the settlement of their case. 

In collaboration with:

on behalf of their clients, in order to jointly settle their case.

Why should you trust us?

You should put your trust in us for our unparallel experience and knowledge, combined with absolute transparency and reliability.

Our strenghts:

  • Knowledge and experience in handling and settling losses for businesses and individuals (more than 10.000 valuation and loss handling cases / combined experience of more than 60 years). No other company or professional in Greece has handled successfully this amount and diversity of loss cases as FAIR Consulting.  
  • Client references. Our best advertising comes from the clients that have trusted us. 
  • Trust, respect and recognition from the insurance sector. For years, we participated in negotiations with most of the insurance companies and all the loss adjusting companies, earning their trust and confidence. 
  • Our approach: We create strong leverage in the negotiations with dialogue and technical arguments, while we avoid unnecessary and time consuming conflicts. We aim to settle all losses quickly and out of court. 
  • Continuous communication and briefings throughout the whole process until the final compensation, in order to safeguard our client's interests. 
  • FAIR Consulting's team of expert staff and associates supports every step of the process, providing all the necessary expertise in technical, legal or financial areas.  

We can help you to

  • receive the settlement that you deserve by preparing a well documented claim file and negotiating the final loss compensation amount. 

  • minimise the stress of the settlement process, by handling on your behalf both the claim and the compensation.

  • restore your life and business to its state previous to the incident, by providing the appropriate support to your every step. 

  • focus your energy and time to the needs of your business, home or family, by assuming, on your behalf, the settlement process from start to finish. .